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Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Lycan Build Guide Dota 2: Banehallow The Lycanthrope 7.++ mới nhất ngày 16/10/2021 trên website Ifdvietnam.org. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, bài viết này đã đạt được 198 lượt xem.

--- Bài mới hơn ---

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  • Introduction

    Lycan.. The Night Hunter… ok it’s all about the Lycan.. so.. when we talk about Lycan, all of us will think about the wolf.. The beast.. His twin wolves can help him in many thing such as scouting, deny rune, farming, slowing enemies and also pushing. Talking about pushing.. this hero can destroy a tower less than 5 sec if you got your item.. The best thing about this wolf, Lycan can easily chase his enemy… The only thing that you need to know about this hero is.. without FARM, you are NOTHING!!

    Dont pick this hero when:

    – There are too many stunner in enemies team

    – There are too many escaper in enemies team like Ember Spirit and Storm Spirit

    – There are summoner or illusioner like Phantom Lancer and Chaos Knight in enemies team

    – You are the laziest farmer

    – You are scary to chasing your enemies





    When we are talking about talets, this can be one of the most confused thing to choose. Lets see what will we choose

    +15 Damage vs +200 Health

    +15 Damage

    Choose this if your enemies are only the papers. You can kill your enemies team easily in early game with +15 Damage. This also can help you to push the enemy tower. It’s better to take +15 Damage from +200 Health when you want to push or killing.

    +200 Health

    +200 Health are great for facing any hero that can kill you easily. +200 Health in early game can save you if you ganked by your enemies

    +12 Feral HP Regen vs +12 Strength

    +12 Feral HP Regen

    this is great when you are going to be pusher. With +12 Feral HP Regen, the tower will never hurt you anymore

    +12 Strength

    Choose this talent when you want to get additional hp and damage. This can help you when you are in war or solo match.

    +15% Evation vs +15% Cooldown Reduction

    +15% Evation

    +15% evation are great in facing hitter enemies such as Sniper and Phantom Assassin. The evation will help you to tank more damage.

    +15% Cooldown Reduction

    +15% Cooldown Reduction can help you to summon your wolves faster. This mean that you can push tower in anytime you want.

    +15s Shapeshift Duration vs +2 Wolves Summoned

    +15s Shapeshift Duration

    This talent will help you in being hitter and stunner. Giving critical chance and haste movement speed. Great when the game still needing war.

    +2 Wolves Summoned

    The most effective talent when you are going to be the great pusher. Just dont take this when the enemies creep already in mega form. They can easily kill 4 of your wolves. The 2 additional wolves are great when you combined it with Necronomicon and Dominator.


    When we talk about early game, Lycan is really useless for his team, except his 2nd skill, Howl. That’s why you should jungle and give your lane to another hero who really need it.

    Before start your game, chose your role, what you want to be? Pusher? Hitter? Stunner?

    When you want to be the hitter, make sure a that your enemies are paper and not the crazy tank like Sven and Dragon Knight. This will Help you to kill them easily. Your main item is Echo Sabre, which can help you in mana problem, to make sure that you are always have a mana stock when you really need it. With Armlet extra attack speed, you will land more hit and damage to your opponent.


    When the enemies team pick a semi tank like Slardar and Pudge, you can be the stunner. There are few reason for this. One of the reasons is to make sure that they can’t run from you. For example, Slardar can rune away from you and also can stun you, before this happen, you should get your Skull Basher first. Use Shapeshift, activate you Mask of Madness and then kill him. With your Mask of Madness extra attack speed, you may bash your opponent 2 times. Your opponent will never get his chance to run.


    With your non-ultimate skills, you are born to be the pusher. By buying Helm of The Dominator and Necronomicon, you can destroy your tower easily. You can dominate Jungle Troll if you want ta make extra army, by taking Jungle Troll, it’s possible to get 7 minnions to destroy a tower. You can also dominate Red Bear and Big Wolf. Extra attack speed for your team or crazy bonus damage for your pusher team. The most important thing there are NO CLEAVE OR ANYTHING THAT CAN KILL YOU MINNIONS EASILY.


    When we talk about jungling, there are few things that you should alert.

    , watch carefully, who is the roamer in the enemy’s team.

    There maybe pick Pudge or Riki. This is the real trouble for you. Riki can easily got xp from your farm. Pudge can easily kill you with his partner. Then what is the solution? I suggest you to just laning. Actually, there are no different between jungling and farming for you. If you are going to laning, make sure to take Howl first, not Summon Wolves. This can help you last hitting, not giving additional xp and gold for your enemies.

    Second, think wisely, who is the side laner for you.

    If it is tank or someone who can kill the enemy’s creep alone like Axe, you can pull your creep.

    How To Pull Creep

    -At 45sec of every minutes, hit the easy camp and bring them to your creep wave

    -Let your creep hit the jungle creep

    -When you see the low hp creep, deny and last hit.

    -By that way,you can easily get last hit without losing your hp

    Third, if you have a few trouble in jungling like you need to restore your hp or mana, just suicide.

    In early game, it’s only a few second for you to revive. Don’t worry about your gold, you can easily get it back by farming. Buy your Mask of Madness and farm fast to get your Ultimate.

    After you are reached level 6, find your main target first. If it’s possible, the target should be the enemy’s lowest level hero, someone who can’t stun or hex, someone who can’t be invisible, someone who alone in lane.

    Use your Shapeshift, chase him, kill him, if their friend come, just go back, dont be greedy, you are still young. If you killed him, go back to the jungle. Farm, farm, farm. Until your Ultimate is ready, find another target, easy target. That’s what you will do in early game. 1vs1


    Mid game… You should finished your Black King Bar at least.

    Now its the time be what you want to be

    Your main target now is their support, in team fight, the enemies support will make a big trouble to your team. Dissabling, slowing and anything. Kill their support first. Majority of support are easy to get killed by you, for example, Crystal Maiden and Jakiro. You can kill them with or without your Black King Bar. Always bring TP to make sure that you are safe after ganking their support.

    For stunner. Your main target is the hardest hero to get killed by your team. Bring your disabler or all of your team to kill him. You can kill them by using your Black King Bar and your Skull Basher, you should be able to land maybe 2 bash to your enemy. With your Black King Bar, you can chase him down without get stunned by him. For sure, bring TP to make sure that you can teleport back to your base if enemies come to you.

    When you are playing as the pusher, make sure that your ultimate are ready when you are going tu push any tower. Activate your Howl and then Mask of Madness, destroy their tower. If the enemy come to you, use Shapeshift to make sure that you can run to the safe place. Why not use TP? when pushing, the enemy can ambush you from back. You can also get stunned and the last your Channeling will cancelled by it. So, if you want to run from them, make sure you have your ulitimate. Your ultimate cannot be dispell by anything, thats mean, you still can run after the duration of enemies stun is done.


    --- Bài cũ hơn ---

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